Anyone else up for a chat on new years

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Yeah, we know, we know. This year is unlike any other; unprecedented; blah blah blah. Did anyone ever really enjoy that anyway? Zoom was the one downloaded iOS app ofand for good reason. To schedule your event, launch the Zoom app and use the built-in scheduling tool. Fill out your appropriate details, fiddle with any settings you see fit, and send out that meeting link.

ET on Wednesday, Dec. ET on Saturday, Jan. Similar to Zoom, Google Meet is well-known in the corporate world for its hosting capacities.

Anyone else up for a chat on new years

Many people have Gmail s, so the Google platform should be a breeze. To set up your party on Google Meet, launch Google Calendar and block out your intended event time. If you want a little less structure and a little more focus on virtual games, check out the Houseparty app as a potential platform. You can choose from a host of games in each room to play together, like virtual Uno, He Up! Everyone will have to download the app, and when you add each other as friends, everyone will get a notification any time someone opens the app. If you end up liking the platform, it can be used for general, unplanned video calls that your friends can pop into at will in the future.

Anyone else up for a chat on new years

If you have a really specific activity planned out for your evening like the classes we recommend belowconsider using an event-specific platform like OnZoom or Evite. OnZoom is an extension of Zoom, and has both paid and unpaid events listed in its directory.

Or, you can forego drinking completely for a cozier activity, too. Choose whatever you deem most fit to bid this year goodbye. The company is most known for Quiplash, the witty, Cards Against Humanity-style interactive game. It just launched its newest collection, The Jackbox Party Pack 7, so you can have your pick from a set of five games. Instead of drinking a shitty vodka cranberry while stuffed into a sweaty bar this year, make your own! Or make a fancier drink that you can nurse in your living room while chatting it up with your friends.

If none of your gang is skilled enough, consider hiring someone for your group specifically, or browse existing public online events on event platforms that you can crash. You can always duck into your own private Zoom room afterward.

Anyone else up for a chat on new years

You can also choose to host or attend a cooking class, a late night yoga sesh, or whatever floats your particular boat. One of my pre-Covid social event dreams was to attend a professional murder mystery dinner. The drama! The glam!

Anyone else up for a chat on new years

The intellectual challenge! I never got around to it, so I hosted my own for a birthday Anyone else up for a chat on new years using an at-home murder mystery kit from Red Herring. There are plenty of similar companies that de murder mystery plot lines to be acted out at home, so take a browse, find one that speaks to you, and go all out, virtually. Everyone can deliver their lines and dress up as a character just as they would in person. Queue up your favorite rom-com, sip your beverage of choice, and try not to think about too much.

There are too many technological solutions out there for you to stress out about the tech side of NYE. If one platform just doesn't agree with your WiFi, or your friends refuse to download it, switch to a different one. Maybe do a test run or gather some public opinion before you set the details into stone, but remember, anything can be changed, even last minute. This is especially important for those of you with specific activities in mind, like hosting or attending a class. In addition, if you really want to provide high quality instruction, consider getting nice lighting and a mic so that everyone can see and hear your whole setup.

One of the best parts of holiday parties is getting all dressed up. Tell your guests to come dressed to the nines, or according to theme, or in their weirdest outfit possible. Bonus points if you turn it into a costume contest. Whether elaborate and planned or just a glorified Zoom happy hourwe all just want to celebrate the fact that is indeed, finally, thank god, coming to an end.

Social Good. Cheers to a new year, but more importantly, to the end of this one. Pick your time to party it up. YouTube is more likely to serve problematic videos than useful ones, study and common sense finds Shouldn't your next YouTube recommended video be a beauty tutorial, not a conspiracy theory? Tesla channels old school sorority values by policing customers' social media posts Hey girly! That tweet was so cute, but could you take it down? It makes Tesla look bad :. I cut the cord, but it's so difficult to watch the Tokyo Olympics without cable The Tokyo Olympics are my first games since cutting the cord.

Now Google will display why it's showing you its search Google is pulling back the curtain on its Search algorithm. At least a little bit. Say hello to Yats: Why investors are paying thousands to 'own' emoji There's an underground marketplace for emoji, and they're going fast. The future of sports? There's a robot sinking basketballs at the Tokyo Olympics. It's a little bit cool and a little bit creepy.

Lil Nas X is serving 'Industry Baby' on Twitter with a heaping side of truth It's not just the way he lives his truth that's important. It's the way he broadcasts it. The U. S women's rugby team abused the cardboard Olympics beds to show us the truth Cardboard is stronger than you think. Cheers, Ted Lasso, for getting the UK basically right Despite a few howlers, this may be the first American sitcom to truly appreciate British culture — without stereotyping.

Anyone else up for a chat on new years

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Anyone else up for a chat on new years

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