Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

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Can you tell me what works best? I promise you, I am going to give you the play-by-play, do-this-not-that guide of what to do, but it will be entirely useless if your mindset is wrong. Have you ever been around someone who was trying really hard to be funny… and everything they said and did reeked of a needy, desperate energy? To begin, we need to establish what our goal is here. Is your goal to casually hookup with him? Is your goal to make him fall in love with you? Is your goal to get him to chase and pursue you? Is your goal for him to want an exclusive relationship with you? Is your goal to get out of the friend zone with a guy?

If you want to successfully seduce a man, you have to realize that behaving like that is going to completely destroy your ability to do so. You now have the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of unhelpful, painful and ineffective habits and replace them with one simple new habit: being OK. The bottom line is this: Most people men and women spend their lives believing they have a problem or multiple problemsthen Beautiful mature ready seduction OK all their time and attention mindlessly chasing after solutions to their mind-created problems.

They become completely self-absorbed and unable to be present to enjoy their moment-to-moment existence. That mental state is the opposite of seductive. In order to seduce, you must be OK, happy, and at peace with your life… this way, you have your attention available to guide the seduction forward.

Moreover, your mood is stress-free, which is a very attractive energy in men and women…. Until then, it is in your best interest to keep your options wide open and actively date around. The more desirable options a guy has, the more seduction is necessary in order to stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

I have to tell you, I researched a bit before writing this article… and 9 out of 10 of the articles that came up on this topic were horribly bad. I mean, laughably, embarrassingly bad. Most of the stuff they recommended would at best make a guy feel bad for you, and at worst make a guy burst into laughter at your weird behavior. Again, bluntness time: This means you have a great diet and work hard to be in great shape. Having sexy hair and make-up is also essential to being a great seductress.

Not all women, but definitely the insecure ones. Haters gonna hate. Seduction is about highlighting your most seductive qualities. Be excited about improving yourself and learning ways to be better. Men are visual, and the appearance stuff does matter, but how you feel inside will have a tremendous impact on your attractiveness as well.

If you want to have the sexiest vibe possible, then you need to let go of all the mental drama that clouds your mood. This is why I was making such a big point about connecting to your sense of being OK with your life. This kills their mood and flushes a good vibe down the toilet. Worrying about your attractiveness falls into this category.

Granted, I think some magazines and well-meaning publications go too far in the other direction when they want to pump up your self-esteem. Sexy confidence is more about the absence of self-destructive negative thinking and the behavior that the negative thinking creates.

So instead of thinking of confidence as something you need to have or dojust think of it as giving up on worrying about your attractiveness. Think of it as giving up on negative thinking. Think of it as giving up on negative emotions and negative moods. Think of it as giving up on having enemies, grievances, and complaints. Just be OK, focus on your self-improvement, and assume that men want you. Do you see how all these ideas build on one another? And your mood determines your vibe, so live in a way where you engage with every moment in a positive way that feels good, and just stop feeding Beautiful mature ready seduction OK negativity of any kind ever again.

If you want to be incredibly attractive to men and women alike, then eliminate negativity in your life. The truth is, there are tons of men who want to be in the typical monogamous, exclusive relationship with one woman they love and adore. Does it feel good having her in my life?

Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

In other words, she goes from being OK and having fun to worrying and indulging in negative thinking about the relationship which is really just some image in her head. She goes from being in the relationship to being caught up in her head… which kills her vibe, which kills the attraction for the guy…. Now, instead of it feeling good for the guy, he feels an aura of stress and negativity emanating from the woman. It stops feeling good—he may not consciously know why, but he certainly feels that the attraction is gone.

Quite the opposite is true, actually. When you can see that, you are in control. Specifically, you are in control of your mood. You are in control of your emotions. You take responsibility for how you engage with life and you see yourself as the agent of action, not the victim of circumstance. This is a matter of perspective. Most people in our society, sadly, see themselves as victims. If you want to be successful at seducing a man, you cannot view yourself as a victim.

This means that you are not seeking things from him… or needing things from him… or craving things from him. Instead, you are the architect of your world and you move through it enticing people to give you what you want.

This is only possible if you have completely given up on feeding into negativity of any kind. Most people are blinded by their own emotions and reactions.

Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

They focus on how much they want the other person instead of on creating desire in the other person. She creates desire in others, both through her vibe and through seductive action. I cannot stress this enough: The mindset is required for all this to work, so I highly encourage you to read and reread those sections until it becomes your normal, habitual way of being.

You will be seducing him. So if you want to be great at seducing men, embrace your femininity. Instead, be soft and receive him. When a woman feels like a woman, her presence makes the man feel like the man. In this way, his experience of life feels like more than it would feel like if he were on his own.

Her presence brings an added dimension to his life. There seems to be a huge media push over the last 25 years to cast women as tough, masculine and combative. I know plenty of women who are extremely feminine, but also have career success, a great education, and the respect of their peers. There is tremendous strength in fully embracing your femininity—it is highly attractive and therefore, highly influential. If you want to be a great seductress, then you Beautiful mature ready seduction OK to know what to ignore and what to embrace.

Embrace what gets you. Complaining and fighting is not an energy men want to be around. The same goes for cattiness, arrogance and bashing other women—let go of all those behaviors … they are poison to a seductress. Receive him. Contrary to what most people believe, men are actually starved for appreciation, acceptance, and admiration. The seductress knows that the most irresistible energy to a man is a woman who entirely appreciates, accepts and enjoys him without needing anything from him.

That is incredibly seductive to a man… that is the woman a man wants to have in his life, all to himself. Nobody is forcing you to seduce a man. Nobody is forcing you to be in a relationship. Nobody is forcing you to do anything with a guy….

Instead, you are giving people the opportunity to participate in a seduction.

Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

This means that if they want to keep getting your attention, they need to be actively engaged in the process. When a woman is desperate to get a guy, she ends up doing all sorts Beautiful mature ready seduction OK stuff to win him over. She has fun in the moments she spends with the guy… and if it stops being fun, she leaves.

When a man is in the presence of a seductress, he knows his participation is required. The idea of making him chase you is largely based on the idea of dangling some bait and then withholding the bait so he chases you to get the bait. What are you going to do? Withhold things from him forever? And why would a man with a lot of choices waste his time chasing the possibility of good feelings with you, when he can have the reality of good feelings with another woman?

Third, withholding stuff from a guy is a lot of work and not much fun… aside from it being a shortsighted strategy and taking the focus off of you, why take that route when you can have fun and enjoy your time with the guy? No withholding necessary. If you have questions or want clarification about something I said here so far, please leave me a comment. I look forward to your feedback. I hope this article helped you better understand how to seduce a man and make sure to read Part 2! But there is more you need to know. There is one defining moment in every relationship that determines if it will last, or if you will be left heartbroken….

At some point, he will ask himself: Is this the woman I want to commit myself to? The answer will determine whether the relationship deepens or ends. Do you know how a man decides a woman is girlfriend or wife material?

Beautiful mature ready seduction OK

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