Clanton fat ladies for date

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V We have just returned from the Eastern markets where ,we purchased an up-to-date stock that will do you good. If you haven't got the money we will take good paper and sell you the same as for cash. Dickinson on the night of January iS, S, and laid its withering blight on their dear little grandson,' Wil liam Ballard, infant son of Mr. Dickinson, aged one year. He wus a sweet, loving child and the idol of their home. Tender bud of mortality. Ere the winter its Irost, O er tli v bloom could fline. Little Ballard, an angel, ' ' From Mo rendered free. No midnight of sorrowsits dew sheds on thee.

TZ" IVV v '. Good for typewriters, bicycles,? If yon wish a cheaper rgrade of Carbon, we have it at Si. Sardis- " Editor Banner Please allow me a few moments chat as this is rather a lonely sabbath day to me, and is too bea'utiful to waste, how ever I try to be contented with my lot in life and do the best I can, in all toe ways 1 can.

Diu you ever think of hiw many wiys there ere for doing good? I have, and how 1 wish 1 could do all I see that ueeds doing. Jt is a coiumoti thing when our fritnda and loved ones pass away, lor us to lay a wreath or boquet of flowers upon their graves. Let us' scatter real flowers along the pathways over which the living feet must tread, as well as lay tbera on- the hushed bosom of our dead, there are so many ways to do good.

Let us all try and do all we can to gladden the hearts of our loved ones while they are with us. Farmers are hustling with' their crops and everything is going on in the same old fashioned way in this neighborhood. Tht Kost Clanton fat ladies for date Cants of Suffering.

Beat 12 rtitn Rahn. X am surprised at the way the people voted. I believe in good school- and good ro. It seems like 11 is bard for us to get harmonized dchool and road matters.

Clanton fat ladies for date

I want to make an illustration of how t e majority does. The old man po to sleep and the careless man comesnd wakes him up iU6t before an election, He says wake up! The old man says what d" you want? There is going to be an election. What about?

To see whether or not they want to be taxed to keep up public ro. The old man says if there is going to be a special tax put upon us, it will never do, and he goes back to sleep. The careless man never takes second thought and goes, saying it will never do to have a special tax put on us. The overseer goes uml j warns him to work the road uud ne will kill enough time to pay thrre times tbevtax that. Whc-i, the overseer goes to work the road about two-thirds of the hands will g.

He wi! That is the kind of overseers thrr careless men call good overcer. If we have t work the roud In the old system, it looks to, ine.

Clanton fat ladies for date

I'kc the law will have to be put in force. It seems lo me that our officers hare been careless along this line. May the Lord help us to wake up on these matters. UpchtiTclTDrus Co," Genuine, Natural Whiskey is a tonic, themedicinal qaalities of which are folly recognized by the highest medical authorities. If your system needs buildineuo or if vour nerves are "on edge try See that you get the genuine accept 00 substitutes.

Montgomery, la. Daniel, Mgr. Chattanooga, fein. Sm4 m! Dm j co. Thors- rw imi taippwi v. Subscribe for the Earner. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers. Learn how to enable it. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers.

Clanton fat ladies for date

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Clanton fat ladies for date

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