Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

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Austria has always been one of our favorite countries to visit. We had the pleasure of exploring Vienna and Salzburg, some of the most beautiful cities in Austria. We asked some of our favorite travel bloggers to share with us the best towns to visit in Austria.

We wanted to learn more about the small Austrian towns, villages, and cities so that we can add them to our bucket list. Hopefully, this will help you plan your trip to discover some of the hidden gems Austria has to offer. Austria is a beautiful country. Imposing mountains as far as the eye can see. Lush greenery in the summer and plenty of ski slopes in the winter. A history that is remarkable, to say the least.

Of course, there is something magical about visiting Vienna, Graz, Linz or Salzburg, the most populated cities in Austria. But there is something about these off-the-beaten-path towns in Austria that have something so charming and inspiring. There is magic in discovering these hidden gems in Austria, which is why we wanted to share them with you!

Contributed by World of Lina. The gorgeous Styrian town Admont lies in the middle of the Gesaeuse National Park and is around an hour away from the most famous Austrian town, Hallstatt.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

Admont is worth a visit all year round but especially in winter, it has its own magical charm thanks to the Christmas decorations on the streets and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. This is what Austrian mountain villages are all about! The easiest way to reach this place is to rent a car and drive there because Discreet top looking for a hot Austria train or bus connections from most of the bigger cities are really bad. Probably the best thing to do in Admont is the Admont Abbey, a stunning monastery founded in Not the building itself but what you can find inside makes this monastery truly special.

Admont Abbey is home to the largest — and in my opinion most stunning — Abbey library in the world! Beautifully painted frescoes in pastel colors and the typical Baroque style make this library unique. Besides Admont Abbey, this Austrian town is also the perfect starting point if you want to explore the wonderful nature of Gesaeuse National Park. If you plan on staying the night in Admontyou have a few places to choose from in the town itself or nearby. Accommodations seem limited so try to book in advance, if you can.

Contributed by Outside Suburbia. Bad Gastein, an Austrian ski and spa town in the High Tauern mountains, is known for its hotels and villas built on the steep, forested slopes. There is a lot to see and experience in the four mountains surrounding Bad Gastein: Stubnerkogel, Schlossalm, Graukogel, and Fulseck.

You can go on hikes, ride bikes, and swim in crystal clear lakes. We drove from Salzburg to Stubnerkogel in Bad Gastein and combined it with a drive on the high alpine road drive. A drive to Bad Gastien takes about an hour and a half from there. While you can visit the mountain resort as a day trip from Salzburgyou can spend two to three nights to fully appreciate the area. If you choose to spend the night, here are a few places to stay in Bad Gastein.

The best thing to do in Bad Gastein is walking on the Stubnerkogel suspension bridge. We rode the gondolas up the mountain and spent the day hiking in the mountains.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

Walking on the bridge was not as scary, we just had a few butterflies in the stomach as we walked over to the viewing platform. The bridge sways a little with the wind! Contributed by Places of Juma. One for the best towns in Austria, that is also off-the-beaten-path, is the charming town of Eisenstadt. People love the mix of a long history, cultural events, and a modern outlook of this beautiful town in Austria.

Actually, there is a lot to see in the city center between the pedestrian zone, the palace park, and the parliament building Landhaus. The whole inner city is stuffed with lovely details and many highlights. It dates back to a fortified 13th-century Gothic castle. The beautiful palace grounds are one of the best places to visit in Austria. On a walk, you will enjoy the lovely botanic garden, a small lake, and even a public pool area. The best time to visit Eisenstadt is in spring and in summer when its warm outside and everything is green and beautiful.

For a visit, you can plan yourself a day-trip but stay there longer if you also want to explore the lovely Lake Neusiedlersee. Contributed by Mindofahitchhiker. Inside a river bend, Grein is a safe haven for kayakers on the Danubea resting place for the many cyclists along the Danube Cycleway Donauradweghikers on the Danube Trail Donausteigand a port of call for cruise ships.

If you enjoy castles and history, be sure to visit Grein as a day trip from Linz or Krems an der Donau by train with the scenic Donauuferbahn railway, or by bus. Grein is home to the oldest theatre in Austria, the Stadttheaterdating back to the 18th century.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

The Schloss Greinburg — an active ducal residence — is the very prominent castle on a hill overlooking the town. If you also enjoy hiking, spend a night or two in Grein. What more could you ask for in one of the cutest villages in Austria?! To spice up your hike, continue onward to the Gipfelstein, which features one of the best views of the Austrian Danube.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

Sturdy footwear is highly recommended for this bit. From that viewpoint, you have the option to return to Grein via the bridge or make it a round trip back to the ferry via the Matrassteig path. This skinny trail brings you past some wacky forest cave with an altar full of little trinkets and garden gnomes. Contributed by Travelmelodies.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road — a scenic stretch of 48 km with winding 36 hairpin bends takes you from Salzburg to Heilingenblut in Carinthia. This journey is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Austria. The beauty of these Austrian mountain villages will take your breath away.

One of the most-widely recognized sites in Austria, Wallfahrtskirche St Vinzenz, set against the mountain of Grossglockner welcomes you to the pretty town of Heiligenblut. The town offers hiking opportunities during summers like Alpa-Adria trail and ski opportunities during winter. You can also experience the history of gold mining at the gold mining village in the Alps, in the Fleiss Valley near Heiligenblut. If you want to visit the ski resort Grossglockner Heiligenblut then winter is, of course, the time to visit.

You can check out the accommodations here for Heiligenblut. Contributed by Merrylstravelandtricks. Tucked away in the southern region of Austria in the heart of the Alps is the pretty town of Innsbruck. This beautiful Austrian town situated at a height of meters above sea level is also the capital of the region of Tyrol. Innsbruck makes for a perfect cultural and adventure sports destination in the Austrian countryside.

The region around Innsbruck offers various beautiful hikes, biking paths, and skiing loops that make it a popular winter and summer destination for those who love adventure. Throughout the year, this Austrian village sees a flow of local and international tourists looking for an exciting vacation. Additionally, the little town is also known for its imperial and modern architecture.

The Tirol Panorama museum is also a popular destination that offers stunning views of the Bergisel Olympic ski jump. Innsbruck is easily accessible from Vienna by flight, train, or bus, and from Salzburg by bus or train. You could also choose to drive to Innsbruck from Salzburg or Bolzano in northern Italy.

The journey through the Austrian Alps is extremely scenic making it one of the best ways to get to the town. The best time to Discreet top looking for a hot Austria Innsbruck is in winter as the winter sports in the region are highly popular with skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The town also has a special charm around Christmas time with beautiful Austrian style Christmas Markets adorning the city center.

The stalls in the market sell an assortment of local Christmas special dishes from the region. If you want to spend the night in Innsbruck, make sure you check out the accommodations here. Contributed by Bulgarianonthego.

Located only about 2 hours drive from Vienna and 1. The journey will take about 3 hours. You could also take a train from Vienna, however not a direct one — you would need to change at St. Either way, a trip to the Austrian countryside is well worth it.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

Here, you will find the most famous shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some of the most important landmarks include the Mariazell Basilica and the picturesque old town, as well as the Erlaufsee — an alpine crystal lake, located only about 5 km from Mariazell. These are some of the best things to do if you want to explore Austria off-the-beaten-path. Mariazell is great to visit both in the warmer and in the colder months.

If you come here in December, you will be able to see the beautiful Christmas market of Mariazell and practice some winter sports in the mountains nearby. If you choose to spend the night, you can reserve your accommodations here.

Discreet top looking for a hot Austria

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