Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

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Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? This was the last place I was aware of in town. There haven't been too many times that I haven't scored on sucking a great cock. I had a guy give me a rimjob through the gloryhole last week and he fuc There aren't many videos, and they are all open. There was no problem though as men often just sit and jack off, hoping to find some action. I go a couple of times a week and never fail to score. Best times are lunch and right after work. I got sucked and fucked by several guys on a Wednesday afternoon.

Three guys had my ass back to back. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. I must be doing something wrong. It's kind of hard to do anything as anyone could walk in. Plus there were no guys at all. I went yesterday and it was a total waste of time. It's a great spot to see or be seen. You can mutually jackoff or swap blowjobs, but there's only one door into the bathroom, Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 20 Go to the rest stop or adult book store but stay out of the park.

Fresno PD has a lot of political pressure to keep the park safe for family entertainment and will bust you. They watch this site and h Posted Feb 16 I find it hard to believe that this park is still listed here after substantial press coverage. At this time, forty men are going to trial after having been busted. Posted Oct 12 I always manage to find tons of action here day or night. Just be sure to be out of the park by closing. Just a bunch of nasty, pesty queens frequent here.

Hazmat teams identified it as methamphetamine. I just put it through the hole and soon all of a sudden I started to get this extremely good feeling in my cock like i The booths don't work and the staff is as nasty as any mean teenage girl. Don't waste your money or time even walking in the door. The video booths are mostly broken, and the staff is as unfriendly as I have ever seen in the turnover saga. They cleaned up the interior, but Keep going north for about ten minutes. Lost Lake will be on the lefthand side before the tavern.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 5 This should be a popular place for straight guys to come get blow jobs. There are plenty of secluded spots, and there are trails in the west end of the park that can be cruised with plenty of nearby b You can still have a great time doing excerise while cruising for hot cocks h Visited this place on a surf trip cause I'm a big truck and trucker fan and I had a blast.

You get a nice selection of horny truckers 'cause one guy told me it was the last Best to avoid the weekends and rush hours when it's loaded with families and people going wine tasting. Last pickup was a hot construction worker on the way into Santa He pulled it out and I began to suck him, but he said he liked to fuck, so he pulled Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California my pants, fingered my ass, I'm into jacking off with another guy and hope to shoot my load her When it's a hit, it's solid wood!

Gold Run. Posted Jul 6 The gloryholes have been closed up. Seems to be a crackdown going on. He noticed me looking but left. I was I glad to see him drive back in about ten minutes later. We were both married and nervous about place, but he had a b Grass Valley.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 2 Not as many guys there anymore but still if you wait you can find what you are looking for. I dress up and go up there once a week, sometimes nothing, and sometimes I come home with my ass full of cum I am a CD and go there quite often and have no trouble finding someone to suck or fuck me.

Some days are slow, and some are good. I was there right after guys A scraggly older man was walking up to cars, asking if they wanted a good time around. I wasn't interested, so I continued to ignore him. He walked of This was not my first or last encounter here.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

The dudes hang out front, mostly younger guys here and rough trade, but they know how to give it and will team up, too. Lots of young men there. I got sucked off by a blond guy there just last week. That was one great blowjob.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 22 I've only scored once but it is relatively deserted and the door gives enough warning for under-the-stall action! I've never seen any sort of cruising going on around this hotel. Security is tight as well, seeing as the restrooms are inside of a v Nothing going on at all. I usually can catch an eye at the urinal. The stalls are very private! Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 15 The restrooms are closed at night, but behind the restrooms at night is a perfect place to have some action.

There were too many people during the day. A couple of the guys had nice big bulges. Seems like a great place at night, especially next to the s Although there is a peephole in the bathroom, I never saw anyone cruising or even looking like they were cruising. Drive approximately half a mile to the first road on the right, Evan Hewes Highway, and drive about two miles.

The park will be to the right after crossing over the canal. Just remember the rangers will shut this place down if too much overt activity starts taking place. It is best after dark. Hours are from 5 am to midnight. I was able to empty a load in his ass in the bathroom while watching out the open door. If you go in the woods, watch for poison oak! I have been there a couple of times when driving through. It is usually busy early mornings on the weekends. He came back to the stall and pulled out his cock after he washed up.

I was surprise Located just a few miles south of Kingsburg. I stopped by here a couple of months ago, met a nice bear type guy. I was in the right side stall when he stepped back from the urinal and started shaking his cock i Just enough cruisers mid-afternoon to make it interesting. Worth stopping, certainly. I hear through the grapevine that nights are really b Last time I was here I blew a hot blonde twink about 22 with a beautiful 9" cock. He had a nice big load that I swallowed.

I was through a few months ago and it is now much nicer, completely rebuilt and clean. I have met some very nice men there over the years. Car head is usually the most common activity. Lake Isabella. There are two parking lots on the right side of the road, hike straight down the hill towards the river.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

There are three hot tubs right next to the Kern River. Sometimes there is a lot of action, sometimes not. Would love to get some cum on my face out here. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Damn, it was hot! This cute stud drained me all the way. You gotta take a walk on the trails towards the railway track. Been there several times and seems like this would be a great plac It's best around 6 to 8 pm.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

I had two Emo guys hitting on me and there were about four or five other Emo guys hanging around. Just love those skinny Emo dudes. I met a horny young guy and we went in the bathroom and ended up completely naked and sucked each other. I fucked an Asian dude in his van in the parking lot.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

Some days it is quiet. I am looking to swallow a load of cum from a straight man tonight. Where can I go? No way could you have action.

Fun Carson City older women fuck book Boulder Creek California

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