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The New Jersey teen-ager charged with sexually assaulting and strangling an year-old neighbor boy was himself sexually abused last year by a convicted pedophile who lured him from an on-line chat room to his home on Long Island and to motel rooms in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, prosecutors said yesterday. The pedophile, who left a trail of credit-card receipts and was arrested last week, and the year-old Jackson Township murder suspect had at least four sexual encounters between August and December ofsome lasting two days and one involving a man with whom the older man Jackson sex chat days sat night, officials said.

The activities of at least one assault were photographed, they said. Five weeks ago, the youth's parents discovered the relationship and took him to a therapist, who called prosecutors. The youth aided an investigation of the pedophile until last week. Then he smashed electronic equipment that had been installed in his home to monitor the contacts. The officials said he also refused further cooperation and rejected hospitalization and counseling. Four days later, on Saturday, Edward P.

Werner, 11, was killed as he sold candy door to door for a P. His body was found on Monday in woods near the home of the suspect, who was arrested the next day after Ocean County officials learned of his meetings with an older man. Yesterday, what began as a missing person case last weekend widened to charges of pedophilia in New Jersey and in Suffolk County on Long Island.

And just as the slaying raised concerns about the safety of children venturing to the doors of strangers, the latest revelations raised new worries about dangerous encounters by children roaming the Internet. Catterson, ''can be a force for good, but in the hands of the immature it can be an engine of destruction. Catterson said at a news conference that Stephen P. Simmons, 43, of Holbrook, N. Catterson said Mr. Simmons was convicted of sodomizing in Brooklyn in and of lewd and lascivious conduct with in Florida in and went to prison for both crimes.

Simmons had been charged with nine offenses involving the young murder suspect -- two of sexual assault, three of criminal sexual contact and four of endangering the welfare of a juvenile. Kaye said it did not appear that Mr. Simmons had forced the youth to have sex. But he said the acts were criminal because they involved a juvenile, who was 14 at the time they purportedly occurred. Because of the murder suspect's status as a juvenile, his name has not been disclosed by authorities in Ocean County, where the case is to be prosecuted.

But a lead investigator in the case identified the suspect this week as Sam Manzie, who neighbors described as an intelligent loner who was fascinated with computers, who spent much of his time at a home computer and who even maintained a personal World Wide Web site. Kaye said that it was over the computer that the youth first encountered Mr. Simmons last year. As a result of the contacts, he said, the youth and Mr.

Simmons arranged a face-to-face meeting. The prosecutor said the first encounter took place on Aug. Simmons drove the youth to his home in Holbrook, where he lived at that time with a year-old man. The ranch home has a landscaped, fenced back yard with trees. Simmons,'' Ms. Constant said. Asked if others were present, she said, ''Our information is that it was this victim and Mr. But Mr. Kaye said that on that occasion the youth had engaged in sexual activities with Mr. Simmons and Jackson sex chat days sat night housemate.

When the youth did not return home on the night of Aug. Kaye said. But no action was taken and the youth returned home the next day, he said. Other meetings between the youth and Mr. Simmons occurred on Sept. Simmons left a trail of credit card payments as well as the plate of his car on motel registration cards.

Jackson sex chat days sat night

On some occasions, Mr. Kaye said, Mr. Simmons picked up the youth at his home. While the youth sometimes stayed out overnight, his parents apparently knew nothing of the activities. It was unclear whether Mr. Simmons and the youth continued to meet this year, though the youth made frequent calls to Long Island and was absent from home from time to time, officials said.

By late August, however, the youth's parents had become suspicious. Kaye said the father called and confronted Mr. They also placed their son into therapy with a psychological counselor who, after hearing the youth's story, called the Monmouth Prosecutor's office. Kaye said the information was Jackson sex chat days sat night and said the decision to pass it on to the authorities was ethically appropriate.

Based on that tip, Mr. Kaye's office began its investigation of Mr. Simmons on Aug. At first, he said, the youth cooperated, and detectives installed electronic devices at his home on Iowa Court to monitor and record telephone and computer contacts between the youth and Mr.

But on Sept. The equipment was smashed with a hammer. He said investigators were concerned about the suddenly angry, apparently disturbed youth. We took him to a hospital and he refused to enter. He refused counseling.

Kaye said, ''I can't conceive of anything we could have done more in a democratic society to restrain this boy. In the belief that the youth, besides smashing the equipment, may have alerted Mr. Simmons and thus compromised the inquiry, the Prosecutor's office filed charges against Mr. Simmons and he was arrested by the Suffolk County authorities the next day, on Sept. While the youth refused to testify against Mr. Simmons before a grand jury -- exhibiting what Mr. Catterson called a reluctance ''not uncommon with teen-aged victims of sex crimes'' -- Mr.

Simmons was held pending extradition proceedings by New Jersey authorities. Four days after the angry outburst of the youth in the murder case, the year-old boy, Edward P. No money has been found, but an additional charge of robbery was filed against the suspect yesterday. The Ocean County Prosecutor, E. David Millard, said the boy was taken inside the suspect's home late in the afternoon and was strangled after being sexually attacked. His body was then placed in a suitcase and may have been kept in or near the house as hundreds of police officers and volunteers searched the neighborhood over the weekend for the missing boy.

Jackson sex chat days sat night

Investigators said that the youth watched the searchers from his porch on Sunday, and that he may have carried the suitcase with the 4-footinch, pound body into the woods during a heavy rain Sunday night. The body was found Monday morning in an area that had been searched over the weekend. Acting on what he called intuition, Mr. Kaye's investigators called the Ocean County officials on Tuesday to say the body had been found near the home of a troubled youth involved in a pedophilia case. Ocean County investigators then questioned the youth, searched his home and charged him with the murder.

Simmons, described by his neighbors as a short, moody man who sometimes took roles in local theatrical productions and who had a T-shirt shop in Bayport, N. It is unclear if the murder suspect will be tried as an adult or a juvenile; authorities have a month to decide. If convicted as an adult, he would face 30 years to life in prison.

Jackson sex chat days sat night

Penalties for juveniles are much lower. More than 1, people attended a prayer service for the slain boy last night at Jackson Memorial High School in Jackson Township. Across the community of 36, people, green ribbons and bows have appeared in recent days on fences, trees, light poles and the lapels of hundreds of residents, as a remembrance of Edward Werner, whose favorite color was green.

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Jackson sex chat days sat night

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