Looking for smile and Hagley friend

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The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents, patients and staff is always our top priority Looking for smile and Hagley friend we continue to celebrate life across all of our care homes. Read brochure. We are ensuring our residents continue to enjoy life in a safe environment and whilst nurturing their wellbeing. Here are some of the things we are doing to enrich our residents lives:. She has been very well cared for and has enjoyed a quality of life which simply would not have been possible elsewhere.

Since my husband is now unable to walk visits in the garden with good weather have been very rewarding. The staff should be congratulated on how they have responded to all the extra work these visits entail. Thank you. In the very challenging circumstances of Covid, the organisation has managed well. My brother, who is in the nursing wing, was saddened that he was confined to his room, but at the same time he could not understand the huge restrictions we were all living under! I am glad to be able to visit again. My mum-in-law has had an extremely tough time the last few years, but we have been comforted in the knowledge that she is being cared for by such a fantastic team.

Thank you Hagley. My initial impression was more akin to a four-star hotel than a nursing home. A purpose-built property, it has an abundance of de features to cater to the less mobile of our loved ones. Light and airy, with corridors wider than most hospitals. For more able relatives, there is a lovely open plan coffee area which is a great social aspect for the residents, also a lovely place to meet up with my mother for a coffee and chat with other residents pre covid. There are always a high of carers and nurses on hand to help with any enquiries or to assist in any way they can.

The staff are incredibly friendly and go to great lengths to solve any new issues that arise with my mother's health.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

The precautions they put in place for the pandemic have been remarkable, and we have been kept up to date on a regular basis. Even in the many months, I could not visit, I had no concerns for her wellbeing. I could not wish for a better place for him. Relaxed, happy atmosphere and wonderful, caring staff, who are informative and welcoming to resident's families.

The next best thing to home! A deeply felt thank you to them all.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

Visited mom in Hagley Place and was allowed into moms room following their high level of safety precautions including a lateral flow COVID test. In the meantime, the regular window visits will have to do but the staff make visiting such a pleasure. Always pleasant and a welcome smile. Thank you all at Hagley xx". Mom is 83 and her serious medical condition means she is now restricted movement-wise. The staff are discrete, professional and above all, are Looking for smile and Hagley friend kind.

Nothing is too much trouble for them and although physically restricted by her illness, mom is made to feel independent and allowed to make her own decisions at every level. This last year has been hard for our family with access to the home limited for reasons of the pandemic. She is still smiling! The home is spotlessly clean. Gardens are beautifully kept. Atmosphere calm and quiet. Staff are amazing, always friendly and knowledgeable. Just what you need with an illness that is complex and debilitating. Although indoor visits have not been possible, the staff have helped facilitate window visits and have been very helpful in responding to telephone enquiries.

The recent acquisition of the visiting pod has made a big difference to the visiting experience, especially for my elderly mother. It is clean, weatherproof and warm, and allows us to be close to my father without having to wear masks because of the perspex screen. This in itself speaks volumes. A big thank you to all the hard-working staff who have also treated Mum like family. The care they have both received has been excellent.

Phone conversations with staff have also been very reassuring. I can only complete this survey on what my parents have told me as understandably, I have not been allowed on the premises. Well done to Hagley Place on their organised visiting scheme.

It's very well planned. Well organised under a gazebo through the window. It has been a long time! We were given a warm welcome and the whole feel and atmosphere were so welcoming and homely. My mother entered the home Looking for smile and Hagley friend October and we have been very pleased with her care. The carers and certain ones, in particular, have developed a close and caring relationship with my mother, especially lately in lockdown. I would have no hesitation in recommending this home.

I can only thank them for all they have done and continue to do in a very difficult time. All the staff are amazing and really do care about all the residents. It's always a cheerful and happy atmosphere and everyone misses well. I love the fact they do lots of activities as this is so important. It's the perfect situation for my Mother, with the highest level of care. The home is of an excellent standard and the dignified care that she receives is excellent. The warm welcome we were given and the feeling of calm and care was immediately evident.

My mother is 93 and very arthritic and has dementia and had been living on her own with a carer twice a day but needed full-time care. We moved our mother in October last year and she has settled in so well. The care she is given by all the carers is like she is their own mother and the whole feeling of the care home is one of one big family.

The carers go well beyond their duties and work so hard to make sure all the residents are taken care of, not easy sometimes with dementia patients who can be quite challenging at times. My mother's care during the lockdown with Covid has been fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

The team are dedicated, the home is spotless, warm and friendly. The facilities it provides and the key connections to the local networks to enhance the life of its residents excel this home. It is somewhere I would always recommend to anyone looking for care. He was always treated with respect, enabling him to retain his dignity. The staff treated me with kindness and warmth, allowing me free access and they always kept me informed on my husband's condition. The care she has received from the outset has been exemplary! Mum is so much happier and I can see the kindness and professional care that she and all the residents are getting every day!

I am so grateful to all the staff! A good atmosphere everywhere. More activities especially much needed for those that can participate.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

The mini-bus stands in the car park is not used much. Outings, when? He had Alzheimer's and suffered from diabetes. The nurses and carers were just wonderful. They cared for my father as if he was their own. They put up with his quirks and at times, his rudeness and gave him the best care possible.

It was hard for my father, my mother and I but it was made bearable by their support, their love and their unfailing desire to do the best for dad.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

When nearing the end of his life, again the care and love for us all made the inevitable bearable. In many cases, the nurses and carers went the extra mile for us - I cannot recommend them highly enough. She is a much brighter, chatty person, more active. The tranquil atmosphere and lack of regimentation and formality, coupled within a family atmosphere, is exceptional. We feel it was the right place to be at the time and still is. The staff all very professional and extremely attentive to all mums needs.

Mum's room is well set out with all the latest mod cons to keep mum safe and happy. The meals mum has are prepared to a high standard. Recently we've found the head nurse very helpful with our little chart about mum's welfare and wellbeing. Since he has been there, my partner has had to move upstairs from the residential area because he needed nursing care. He has Dementia and inevitably his condition has deteriorated, but the care he has received in both areas has been exemplary, responding to his every need.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

Not only that, it has been delivered with patience, respect and loving concern. I too have been supported and cared for when the going has got tough.

Looking for smile and Hagley friend

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