Re dating Springdale and more

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Re dating Springdale and more

Show All Answers. Bonds encourage investment in the City. The City hires bond analysts who determine the value of the bonds that we can sell within a safe margin. We will issue bonds valued up to a certain amount, as approved by voters, and those bonds will be purchased by investors. The analysts will monitor the market and conduct the sale of the bonds. The investors who purchase the bonds earn tax-free interest on their investment.

Re dating Springdale and more

Each year, we pay the principal and the interest on the bond debt, and that interest goes to the investors. When we retire the bonds, we pay the investors back the face value of the bond. Most of you voted in support of the bond authorization, and thanks to your support, we were able to:. The building of these three major east-west corridors has increased residential and commercial developments and has helped eased traffic congestion. There were multiple ballot measures related to the bond authorization.

Please click the ballot items for more information. For information about projects included in the bond, please We will have public meetings in the future to discuss projects related to the bonds. To find your City Council representatives, please. The ballot items were approved by Springdale voters in February We sold the bonds in May, and retired the bonds in July. The majority of the money has to be obligated within three years; however, not all of the projects must be complete.

It will be allocated as follows:. For more information about voting, please contact your county election commission. More information can be found on our Voter Information. To learn more about the infrastructure projects that will Re dating Springdale and more included with this bond issue, please.

Ultimately the Mayor and City Council will make the final decision. You're encouraged to attend public meetings and give input on proposed projects. For a list of public meetings forplease see our City calendar. The special election for the Bond Program is over. Here is general information regarding voting in Springdale:. You can vote at any polling place in Springdale. Both Washington and Benton county allow voters to vote at any polling place in the county.

Re dating Springdale and more

For a full list of polling places, please contact the City Clerk's Office at You can also contact your county election commission. For more information, please visit our voter information. It is a feature of the website and it allows you to stay up-to-date with information that is posted online. Springdale Alert, however, is an emergency notification system. It has additional features that ensure you receive notifications concerning severe weather in your area. Through that system, you can also use it to keep up with road and lane closures, and Planning Notifications.

Complete the adoption application. We will evaluate your application and call you with a decision. We will transport your new family member to the clinic in the morning and clinic staff will call you when your pet is ready to pick up.

Download the. A restraining order is different than an Order of Protection.

Re dating Springdale and more

Restraining orders are usually issued only in divorce cases. Violations of restraining orders are enforced by the issuing court rather than through criminal prosecution in District Court. However, a violation of an Order of Protection is a Class A misdemeanor in the State of Arkansas, and therefore, if an Order of Protection has been issued and served on a person who subsequently violates terms of the order, the police are allowed under Arkansas law to arrest that person if they have probable cause. I got a traffic ticket.

Can I keep it off my driving record? Under certain circumstances, the City Attorney's Office will allow persons who receive traffic tickets i. If a person desires to keep a traffic offense off their record, the person can call the City Attorney's Office at before their arraignment date, and see if the ticket has been booked into the City's computer system.

If the ticket has been booked, the person can come in before arraignment and try to settle the ticket with an attorney within the office, or the person can plead not guilty at their arraignment date and try to settle the ticket with an attorney within the office before their trial date. Persons are not allowed under Arkansas law to keep such offenses as DWI off their record, and under no circumstances will the City Attorney's Office take any action which is not allowed by Arkansas law.

I have Re dating Springdale and more neighbor who has und or inoperative vehicles on his property, and he will not cut his grass. What can I do? Complaints on unsanitary and unsightly conditions, or complaints about inoperative or und vehicles should be made directly to Code Enforcement, phone or Can I drop charges in a case for which I was the victim?

The prosecutor needs to know about the request, but whether or not the charges will be dropped is within the prosecutor's discretion. As already noted on this website, the City Attorney's Office has a no-drop policy on domestic abuse cases, but we always want to know the wishes and needs of the victim. I am a victim of a crime and I want to know how I can find out information about the case? If you call the City Attorney's Office atand give a description of the crime involved, including the approximate date of the incident, the City Attorney's Office will find out the status of your case for you.

Where do I get an order of protection? You need to contact the Washington County Circuit Clerks office at and ask to speak with Kayle. If you have not had a traffic offense in the last three years, you may be eligible to have a minor traffic offense taken off your record. You must still pay the fine and costs, however, it will not go on your record if you receive no other violations within the time period specified.

You may also have to meet other conditions, such as being required to complete a defensive driving course. Act ofwhich went into effect January 1,prohibits any District Judge from using any program to defer imposition of sentence in instances where the defendant holds a Commercial Driver's and is charged with violating any state or local traffic law other than a parking violation.

What is the court schedule? The court schedule is: - Arraingments: a. Please note: If you have a case in the Civil or Small Claims Division of our Court you must request a translator for your case at least 2 weeks prior to your trial date. What are the court costs? This fee shall be collected in full each month in which a defendant makes an installment payment.

What are my rights Re dating Springdale and more a defendant? Please refer to our Defendant Rights. The rating falls on a scale of with Class 1 being the best possible rating and a Class 10 indicating no fire protection.

Springdale Fire Department is a Civil Service department. This means that we follow the process outlined in the Arkansas Civil Service Law. Follow the link below for more information. Local government executives face increasing pressure to "do more with less" and justify their expenditures by demonstrating a direct link to improved or expanded services.

Particularly for emergency services, local officials need criteria to assess professional performance and efficiency. The CFAI accreditation process provides a well-defined, internationally-recognized benchmark system to measure the quality of fire and emergency services.

Re dating Springdale and more

How many smoke detectors do I need in my home? You should have at least one smoke detector in each bedroom, the hallway and at the top of all stairways. Smoke rises, so the best place to install a detector is on the ceiling or high on an inside wall approximately inches below the ceiling. We recommend that you buy a battery-operated smoke detector that carries the Underwriter's Laboratories UL logo.

Newly constructed occupancies are required to have wired smoke detectors with battery backup that are all connected to sound simultaneously if one detector is activated. We recommend that you test your smoke detectors by pressing the test button monthly. If the detector fails to sound, replace the battery.

Otherwise, we recommend that you replace all of your smoke detector batteries twice a year. The best time to change your batteries is at the same time you set your clocks back and forth between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time. Why are Springdale's fire trucks yellow? During community service events, and at almost every fire prevention program we attend, the most asked question of all is "Why are Springdale's fire trucks yellow?

Actually, it's a longer story than just "tradition. In the early s Springdale began running white trucks, so Springdale was already different. Because safety was such a key concern in the department, we began to look at ways to make the trucks safer for the public and for the firefighters riding on them. In the early s, studies were conducted among various fire related publications which revealed that red trucks were hard to see at night.

White trucks were harder to see during the day, due to glare. Some departments were experimenting with yellow and lime green on their apparatus, which showed near equal effectiveness in visibility. The actual color is "Chrome Yellow," which is similar to the color of school buses and heavy construction equipment. All of our lettering and striping is blue, except in areas decorated with gold leaf. Today, our newer apparatus features a combination of yellow and white. This feature allows even greater visibility during both daytime and nighttime emergency driving, and serves to differentiate our emergency vehicles a little more from school buses.

Updates Over the past three years, Springdale Fire Department has placed in service newer apparatus and ambulances and refurbished Rescue 1. One of the new safety related features on the redeed units is roll up compartment doors Re dating Springdale and more place of swing out doors. These doors have the advantage of not creating a blind spot where emergency personnel can be hidden from the view of passing motorists on emergency scenes.

Our newest "look" on Springdale Fire Department apparatus and ambulances includes a more artistic blend of Yellow, White and Blue to help make our units stand out in a bold way on the streets. This new paint scheme will be phased in over time, as new units are purchased, and the older units are retired from service.

Re dating Springdale and more

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Re dating Springdale and more