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A new treatment for advanced prostate cancer improves survival in phase 3 clinical trial. Making visits to the dentist easier for people with autism spectrum disorder. How reliable is the prostate-specific antigen PSA test when it comes to detecting prostate cancer? Noncancerous conditions, including benign prostatic hyperplasia BPHor an enlarged prostate, and prostatitis, can raise PSA levels.

However, many men undergo an ultrasound and prostate biopsy, to be certain. Some doctors also measure the level of free PSA. The PSA protein circulates in the blood in two forms: bound to other proteins or unbound free. Several studies suggest that men with elevated PSA levels and a very low percentage of free PSA are more likely to have prostate cancer than a benign condition.

Researchers are developing new screening tests for prostate cancer. Like the PSA test, they rely on biomarkers, such as antigens or proteins, which are elevated or may only be present in men who have prostate cancer. As a service to our readers, Harvard Health Publishing provides access to our library of archived content.

Real male looking 4 women 2 piss on me legit post

Please note the date of last review or update on all articles. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. I am PSA in March elevated to 4. Urologist leaning for testing! Hello there I am 63 years old and my PSA is 5.

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My psa six years ago was 5, Dr. Two years ago my psa went to 11 Dr. Told me to have a biopsy, I preferred to wait watch, then last spring my psa went to 23no symptoms whatsoever, 67 years old, Han a biopsy done, very painful, and then problems urinating, small ejaculations almost transparent, Dr. Wanted me to have a procedure of my choice done, have know many who have had it done and there psa radically dropped, so did their libido, mine is strongso I opted no procedure. Went on a strict vegan diet but still drank alcohol, not to excess but regularly. Also a nightly regime of cannibus oil suppositories I made myself, in a year my psa went from 23 to A few weeks ago my psa went to 49, having trouble peeing and dry ejaculation but still strong sex drive and no problems with orgasm just no ejaculation.

I lost 28 lbs. Juice watermelon and it opens me right up when I pee, also Cialis helps, still a strong sex drive, just pain in my thighs when I walk, no pain or discomfort sitting or sleeping, never had to get up in the night to pea, now maybe once or twice a night. In the USA, mostly motivated by money. Thanks for reading this! Steve B, most prostate cancers are caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease.

I had an ultrasound that showed an enlarged Prostate which is not unusual at my age. Last November had a PSA test for first time in my life. Result came back at 5. I had always some problems with my postate before,cause I had a prostatitis at 28 not cured properly. My urologist gave me antibiotics for 2 weeks,waited for a week and had my PSA checked again.

came back 4. Three months later checked PSA again.

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5. My urologist suggested a sperm test. I had positive for streptococcus No antibiotics this time. After six months checked PSA again. 4. What is your opinion? I am 74, active, gym 2 times weekly. My PSA is Daily I take flax oil, mg saw palmetto, lycopene 20 mg, pumpkin oil mg. Red meat times monthly. My urologist says something will kill me but not prostate cancer. Any suggestions? I am 64 yrs old married man and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle.

Real male looking 4 women 2 piss on me legit post

Have had BPH for last 6yrs. Take alphablocker. My psa was 2. In June developed a severe UTI and prostatitis. PsA shot upto UsProstate indicated acute prostatitis but no. PsA in July and august is normal at 1. This shows an infiltrative process in left lobe of prostate. I have strong FHx of ca prostate. So I have been given 2 options. If still abnormal then do biopsy otherwise just follow up with Urologist. I have chosen the wait and watch option as Im nervous about unneccesary biopsies and risk of sepsis with my history of prostatitis. I am on longterm Nitrofurantoin twice daily for next 6 months and my urine culture is consistently negative now.

My Urologist agrees with my decision. What is the right option. Have I made the right decision?? My story is i had not had sex for a couple of years due to depression. Then within a two week period I had had sex twice with my wife and then went on a fasting diet.

I started getting stomach cramps or pain in the groin. This started before the diet but after the sex. I assumed I had bruised myself having sex after such a long gap. Went to female doctor she said it was probably diet I had not mentioned the sex as embarrassed. Within a week the pain had got a bit more intense, pressure when weeing etc. Went back To male doc told him everything in precise date orderhe did a rectal exam and blood tests and said it could be prostatitus.

Blood tests all ok. PSA of 0. Urine tests clear. Bit worse at night after meal or beers. The symptoms are all so similar. Any serious, helpful advice from medical people or similar cases appreciated. It is now I have hormone injections off and on over this period and some radio therapy on two occasions. I now have a PSA reading of over after having been down as low as 3. I have no Idea what is going on and the oncologists can not understand how I manage to survive such high PSA readings Early in I got a very bad mosquito bite in Dili East Timor that reduced to a cripple as in a very bad case of Dengi or Ross River virus and every thing progressed from there.

Sorry guys who are writing that a PSA test caught their cancer. A routine prostate exam will usually indicate whether a ultrasound of the prostate is needed. This should be the first test after an abnormal prostate exam, NOT a biopsy. The PSA test lacks two important measures of relevance to medical diagnostic procedures: sensitivity and specificity.

Consider that the PSA level in your blood can vary widely throughout the day, hence its lack of sensitivity. Hence the lack of specificity. The PSA test is not reliable and too many urologist do unnecessary biopsies, which are extremely painful and potentially dangerous.

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They can cause serious infections and, if you have a slow-growing cancer that is well encapsulated little chance of metastasisthe biopsy itself can rupture the capsule making metastasis much more likely. So just say no to the PSA test.

The physician who developed it no longer recommends it. I went to two urologists as a result of an increased PSA.

Real male looking 4 women 2 piss on me legit post

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