Really need to loose my virginity soon

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However, go ahead and call it whatever you feel comfortable calling it, but I personally prefer to use the term sexual debut because I feel that virginity is attached directly to the act of having penetrative sex, while I prefer to keep the concept of sex open-ended, and open to interpretation.

Really need to loose my virginity soon

Some people have completely happy and healthy sex lives without even engaging in penetrative sex. You found the partner you want to do it with, and things are starting to escalate in that direction. And also — ask yourself, why do I feel this pressure to be ready? Hi there!

Let me just start off by saying that there is no one answer to when someone will be ready to make their sexual debut.

Really need to loose my virginity soon

There might be some people who realized they were ready all at once, maybe when they entered college. Others may have the realization hit them very slowly, maybe over the course of a few weeks or months or years! For more sexual resources, feel free to go to the Sexpert Education Clinic at Tang. You can stop by there from on Fridays on the 2nd floor Health Promotion Wing and you can even bring your partner! October 7, Love, Justin Hi there! Love, Simran. Topics Love Cafe topic .

Really need to loose my virginity soon Really need to loose my virginity soon

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How do I know when I’ll be ready to lose my virginity?