Saturday Night Adventure

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Welcome to the city of Mumbai or Bombay, as we all famously know it as. One of the most vibrant hubs in all of the country, this city of dreams is the comfortable abode for one and all. This city literally never sleeps and we have proof of that.

Mumbai is known to us as the city where dreams come true, however; it is also famous for another reason. There is a never ending array of options to choose from at this place and trust me, the list is long.

Saturday Night Adventure

You may be a celebrity or a mere dreamer, an achiever or a small time struggle, the night life of Mumbai will blow you away no matter what background you carry. Here, we comprise a list of top 35 things to do in Mumbai at night. This time around, return home with a priceless memory that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Among the various offbeat things to do in Mumbai in night, a late night cruise tops them all. Imagine the hazy night sky on the beautiful shores of the Arabian sea. Get ready for the cycling trip of your lifetime. There is no better way to explore this city than this. Another one that tops the list of offbeat things to do in Mumbai in night is a mid — night cycling trip through the streets of this amazing city.

Be sure to venture through all the popular spots such as Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and many others and watch a different side of them at night. Hop onto an international style sailing cruise and enjoy the different themes of this place. The calm waters and the cool breeze will surely make you forget all your woes behind.

Do you fancy delicious, rich — flavored ice — creams? Try Bachelors — the best juice center in the city for an unforgettable ice — cream eating experience. The best part is, this t is open till 4 a. The public transport is what links almost every living local soul to the city.

While, the local trains are rather crowded during the day, they are completely empty at nights. For Saturday Night Adventure inevitable experience of these locals, try traveling in them at night. The eerie feeling that will overcome your very soul is quite worth it.

There are numerous street photography workshops taking place around the city. The equipment is provided to you and a guide too. The guide takes you around the place. What better way of exploring the city than photographing the beautiful locations.

Mumbai is not all about glamour and money for there is much more to Mumbai than meets the eye. Watch the mesmerizing rising tides at night and quench your thirst of the ultimate nighttime experience at the beautiful beach of Chowpatty. As lights shadowing them with a gorgeous sense of illuminating brightness, you will be able to appreciate these masterpieces in a better Saturday Night Adventure.

The Gateway of India is almost always crowded during the day. Numerous onlookers are either walking or sitting by the Arabian Sea, pondering over their ongoing life. However, night time seems more pleasant. The iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel looks better too.

Saturday Night Adventure

Yes, the city is highly developed and there is nothing you will find especially elements relating the urban life, however; there is still a rustic little world that is left untouched. The Adivasi villages are located not too far away from the city and can be enjoyed at night in gloomy silence of comfort. Achieve a state of mind that is indestructible by attending one of the bhajan sessions at Iskon temple of Mumbai. The atmosphere created at this place is truly enchanting.

Saturday Night Adventure

There are people from all over the world coming to visit this beautiful temple. You may be tired while exploring the city during the day.

Saturday Night Adventure

Conclude your journey of that respective day with a nice, refreshing but relaxing massage. Soothe your muscle cramps and work fatigue before you sleep. Trust me, you will sleep like a baby. The beautiful hills of Khandala are located a mere 2-hour drive away from the city. This is the perfect kind of weekend getaway for all those looking for a quick escape.

The place is filled with lakes, cliffs and is the perfect kind of a nature dose that you might be looking for. An essential part that comprises the nightlife of Mumbai are its fun — filled and sophisticated bars and pubs. Exclusive as well as perfect for those looking for good music with friends, there are a of bars lined at every nook and corner of the city. Vasai lies in the northern region of the suburban district of Mumbai and houses a of historic architectural structures such as the Indian Catholic Saint, Vasai fort and the Portuguese crown among others.

The experience is something Saturday Night Adventure when engaged in at night. Uttan is where natural beauty thrives. The lifestyle over here is simple and the people are ever more friendly. Enjoy by staying a night at the beach coupled with the incredibly shimmering coastlines and cool weather.

It is the perfect weekend getaway. There are a of places in Mumbai itself that showcase live music gigs. Watch as the city turns into a lively bundle of good music and dance at places like Blue Frog among others. This should be on top of your things to do in Mumbai in night list.

The last ferry leaves at around seven in the evening and can transport you to places like Alibaug or Revdanda. These are nearby beaches. Enjoy the joyride as it Saturday Night Adventure through the brackish mesmerizing Arabian ocean. One of the best things to do in Mumbai is to go for a nice, relaxing jog or run on the stretch of Marine Drive.

Saturday Night Adventure

There are numerous under — used performance spaces lying all around the city of Mumbai. The joy of watching amphi — theatre coming to life is a feeling quite thrilling. One of the most popular is the Prithvi theatre wherein festivals take place all around the year. Guess what? You can simply visit the R City Mall of Mumbai and roll in for one of those ice — skating sessions for some quick weekend getaway experience. The two famous beaches of Mumbai are Chowpatty and the Juhu beach.

It is another feeling to admire the moon by simply taking a stroll along the Juhu beach or by simply sitting there for some alone time. The Palm beach road is one of the most beautiful stretches in Mumbai. It is an absolute stunner at night especially when it is raining. It is as long as 12 kms and the traffic Saturday Night Adventure less too. There is surely no dearth of clubs, pubs or dance floors in Mumbai. Shake a leg to the latest Bollywood music at places like Escobar or Hype and get drunk with friends. It is probably the most obvious things to do in Mumbai in night.

There is this one particular place in Thane that offers facilities of renting pogo sticks out for all those who are interested. Literally hop around Thane, exploring different eating places and enjoying the time with your loved one. Take a smooth drive through Saturday Night Adventure Worli sea — link to experience a true jewel of a time. Another one of those offbeat things to do in Mumbai in night to sip on cutting chai at Carter road. This is probably the best weekend getaways in Mumbai. This should be down during the Monsoons.

Camps just an hour drive away from Mumbai offer kayaking experiences for all those interested. Some of the most incredible events take place too. The city planetarium takes initiatives to organize sky shows for those who are interested. Grab onto the opportunity of discovering visible planets on your building terrace as well for they even offer services to organize this themselves. It is an absolute must have experience in Mumbai in night. Glow Poi conducts workshops indoors and outdoors wherein workouts are essentially combined to form a fun form of performance. Check them out and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Saturday Night Adventure

One of those offbeat experiences in Mumbai in night. Yes, you read that right. Imagine Parasailing at night.

Saturday Night Adventure

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Saturday Night Adventure