Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota

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Bach — To bachelor it. Back Seats — An obscure and modest position, usually referring to politics. Back Staircase — A derisive term for a bustle. Balls — To make a mistake, to get in trouble. Bamboozle — To deceive, impose upon, confound. Barrens — Elevated lands, or plains upon which grow small trees, but never timber.

Bear — A cowboy term for donuts made while they were on the range.

Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota

A cook who could and would make them was highly regarded. Beating the Road — Traveling on a railroad train without paying, usually referring to a bum. Beat the Dutch — To beat all or beat the devil.

Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota

Beat the Devil around the Stump — To evade responsibility or a difficult task. Bed-post — A moment, an instant, jiffy. Beef — To kill. This came from killing a cow for food. Bend an Elbow — Have a drink. Bender — Initially referred to a spree or a frolic. Later, and now, also used to describe someone on a drinking binge. Benzinery — A low-grade drinking place.

Cheap whiskey was sometimes called benzene. Berdache — An Indian male who dressed and lived entirely as a woman, fulfilling a cultural role within the tribe. Common among the tribes of the Americas, Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota men-women had social and religious powers. They might be givers of sacred names; leaders of ceremonial dances; visionaries and predictors of the future; matchmakers; etc.

Understood as following a vision by most Indians, they were not tolerated by whites. They persist today, discreetly. Best Bib and Tucker — Wearing your best clothes. Betterments — The improvements made on new lands, by cultivation and the erection of buildings.

Betty — A pear-shaped bottle wound around with straw which contains Italian olive oil. Bible — A small packet of papers used to roll cigarettes. Bible Bump — A bump or cyst on the wrist or hand that old timers say would disappear if whacked by a large book — such as the bible.

Big Bug — Important person, official, boss. Big Fifty — A. It was 16 pounds unloaded, with three-quarter inch, grain black powder cartridges loaded for differing ranges. Bill Show — A Wild West show. Bit House — A cheap saloon. Black — To look black at one is to look at one with anger or deep resentment.

Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota

Blow — To taunt; to ridicule. Also means to turn informer on an accomplice. Blue-Skins — A nickname applied to the Presbyterians, from their alleged grave deportment. Bobtail Guard — The first cowboy guarding the Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota at night. Bocking — Cotton or woollen cloth used to cover floors or to protect carpets. Bodega — Spanish term for a cheap saloon. Boot Yard — This was a cemetery, especially for those who died with their boots on; also called boothill, bone yard, bone orchard, grave patch. Bo-Peep — To play at bo-peep. To peep out suddenly from a hiding place, and cry bo!

Boss — The best, top. Bottom-Lands — In the Western States, this name was given to the rich flat land on the banks of rivers. Bowie-Knife — A knife from ten to fifteen inches long and about two inches broad, so named after its inventor, James Bowie. Brisk Up — To come up with life and speed, take an erect or bold attitude. Bronc Buster — Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota cowboy who could tame wild horses. Contrary to popular thinking, not all cowboys could ride just any horse, though most could ride any broken mount.

Broomtail — A long, bushy-tailed range mare, usually unbroken. Brother-Chip — A fellow-carpenter; in a more general sense, a person of the same trade. Brown Study — Deep thought; absence of mind. Bucket of Blood — A violence-prone frontier saloon.

Bucking the Tiger — Playing Faro or poker. Buckra — A white man, applied to white men by the blacks of the African coast. Buffalo Soldiers — Black soldiers of the U. Not all of the recruits were former slaves; most were free blacks of Northern parentage and many had served with distinction during the Civil War.

The people in our alley call me Salvation Sally, Since I have been converted, but I try to bear the load, They say I must be balmy to go and the army, That le you to salvation in the White-chapel Road. Bull Nurse — A cowboy. Bully — Exceptionally good, outstanding. Used as an exclamation. Bullwhacker — A person who drives a team of oxen, usually walking beside them. Burnt His Fingers — When a person has suffered loss by a speculation, he is said to have burnt his fingers. Buster or Bust — A frolic, a spree.

Bustles had a of names including bird cage and canary cage. Bustle — A pad stuffed with cotton or feathers, worn by ladies for the double purpose of giving a greater prominence to the hips, and setting off the smallness of the waist. By Good Rights — By right, by strict justice, entitled. Clay ought to be President of the United States. Got any information about that word? Thanks, Ralph Dewey. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bad Egg — A bad person. Bad Hoss — A bucking Bronco. Bangtail — A wild horse — mustang. Banquette — The name for a side-walk in some of Southern cities. Bar Dog — Bartender. A Bronc Buster. Bulldozer — A big person. Bunko Artist — A con man. We use cookies. Our cookies are delicious. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Sex chat Belvidere South Dakota

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