Single adults

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Somehow we have put a badge on a very important group in the Church. All of us are very much alike in appearance and emotional responses, in our capacity to think, to reason, to be miserable, to be happy, to love and be loved. You are just as important as any others in the scheme of our Father in Heaven, and under His mercy no blessing to which you otherwise might be entitled will forever be withheld from you.

You are precious and important to Him. You are precious and important to the Church. You are precious and important to all of us. While we are all very much alike, we are also different from one another. We have our individual problems and concerns. I know of no one in this world who is entirely without these, be he or she single or married.

As a matter of fact, unfortunately and regrettably, there is much of misery and unhappiness in many, many homes where there are husbands and wives and children. A happy marriage is an ideal much to be sought after and worked for. None of us would deny that. All of us would wish for it and encourage it. Your s include various —young men and women who have never married and who, possibly, are not yet ready for marriage.

Some of you wish to serve missions first, and that is commendable. Your s include some who are older who have not married and who may not have that opportunity in this life. There are likewise those who have been married and who are now divorced, and also many who have been widowed.

I do not worry about you young men who have recently returned from the mission field. You know as well as I what you ought to do. It is your responsibility and opportunity, under the natural process of dating and courting, to find a wonderful companion and marry in the house of the Lord. But do not dally along in a fruitless, frustrating, and frivolous dating game that only raises hopes and brings disappointment and Single adults some cases heartache.

Yours is the initiative in this matter. Act on it in the spirit that ought to prompt every honorable man who holds the priesthood of God. Live worthy of the companionship Single adults a wonderful partner.

Single adults

Put aside any thought of selfish superiority and recognize and follow the teaching of the Church that the husband and wife walk side by side with neither one ahead nor behind. Happy marriage is based on a foundation of equal yoking. Let virtue garnish your courtship, and absolute fidelity be the crown jewel of your marriage.

Permit me now to say a word to those who have never had the opportunity to be married.

Single adults

I assure you that we are sensitive to the loneliness that many of you feel. Loneliness is a bitter and painful thing. I suppose all people have felt it at one time or another. Our hearts reach out to you with understanding and love. We do not pity you, for you do not want pity. You want opportunity and challenge and appreciation.

Many years ago I had a secretary who one morning was plainly in a bad mood. Can I help? I am thirty-five today. What do I have to show for it?

Single adults

Happy birthday! According to actuarial tables you have more years ahead of you than you have behind you. Lift your head.

Single adults

Smile and be happy and go forward. Her dour face finally broke into a pleasant smile. I guess it was about five years later that she married, hadand did many interesting and productive things. Thirty-five is not the end of life nor of the world.

Single adults

Neither is forty or fifty or sixty. For you in this category, this season of your lives can be wonderful. You have maturity. You have judgment. Most of you have Single adults and experience. You have the physical, mental, and spiritual strength to lift and help and encourage. There are so many out there who need you. It is not enough to work at a word processor forty hours a week and feel that you have done all that you can do. You are needed. There are young people to be taught in the organizations of the Church. Refine your skills. Accept every challenge and asment.

Put time and effort into the preparation of your lessons. Keep your spiritual batteries at full charge and light the lamps of others. It is better to light one candle than to curse the dark. There are so many other people and causes out there who need your help. I think of Florence Nightingale, the English girl born of wealthy parents to a gentle life. She received an excellent classical education.

But she was not content to exist as a social butterfly, flitting from party to party and tea to tea. As a single young woman, she visited hospitals where she saw the suffering of the sick and the inadequate care given them. She became a qualified nurse. She worked her way up to become superintendent of a London hospital. Inword reached London of the terrible plight of the sick and wounded in the Crimean War. She pestered government officials to let her go to the Crimea and finally received permission from the Secretary of War.

With a staff of thirty-eight nurses, she traveled to the war zone. She saw the wounded brought in by the hundreds to an inadequate and unsanitary hospital. She defied the military and the bureaucracy in making improvements. She personally would work twenty hours at a Single adults.

Single adults

At night she made her solitary rounds, her lamp in hand, to speak words of comfort and faith to the suffering and the dying. She soon had ten thousand of the wounded and sick in her charge and was made superintendent of all military hospitals in the area. In February ofshortly after her arrival, the mortality rate in the hospitals was 42 percent. By June, it was down to 2 percent. She and her associates worked miracles in saving the lives of thousands of the wounded and suffering. Word of their accomplishments reached London.

Single adults

Florence was proclaimed a heroine. At the close of the war in Julya battleship was ordered to bring her home for a great reception. Instead, she slipped away on a French boat, quietly crossed over to London, and reached her country home before news leaked that she was back in Britain. She became the founder of the nursing system of England. I think of another woman, Clara Barton, born to comfort in Massachusetts, who during the Civil War distributed supplies for the relief of wounded soldiers.

Single adults

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Single Adults