Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

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Swan's-down can be washed in warn water and white soap. The strips should be first tacked on coarse muslin. Black woolen stockingscan.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

Then touch the place with salts of lemon. Wash, out in plenty of hot water. Another way is to rub the spot in dilute oxalic acid and hold it in hot steam a moment or two. Rinse welL This will take out ink spots from linen. A good way to wasb kid gloves.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

Spread out the glove smooth and neat. Rub toward the fingers with a flannel dipped in milk and well soaped. Rub them well and dry. Tho gloves will be soft and clean. Strong soda dissolved in a little water will remove paint from windows.

A rusty screw will sometimes give way if well wetted with kerosene about its head. Silk, of all grades and colors, can be washed in clear water which is poured off from grated raw, potatoes. Dip the pieces of silk in this water and wipe them on both sides with a coarse towel. Old putty can bo softened with nitric or muriatic acid. It can then be easily removed. Spots can be taken out of silk by rub' bing on magnesia. Stains on silver plate can be removed by washing them in ammonia to which a little vinegrj has been added.

In washing summer dress fabrics the soap should be dissolved and mixed in the water and not rubbed in the goods The goods should be quickly washed in tepid water, rinsed thoroughly and in water in which bran or hay has been boiled to stiffen the material. A little salt or ox-gall in the water will set the colors. Dry in the shade and iron upon the wrong side, sometimes gray or "bluff Hnen3 will spot in laundrying. A tablespoonful of ground black pepper put in the first water will prevent this. An infusion of hay or bran will likewise preserve their colors.

Handkerchiefs used by those having colds should be soaked in watexin which borax is dissolved before washing. Christian at Work. It was stranded for months on one oi the outlying reefs at the entrance to Blacksod bay, where the villagers took it to be the carcass of a large whale. It was afterward carried on the Achill strand by the late gale.

This large sea monster is none other than the gigantic squid or king cuttle-fish, and is rarely seen on our shores. To what species of the cemmestrephes if belongs will ever remain unknown, as it was too far gone in decay and was shorn of all beauty. The suckers and horny rings had fallen off long before it reached the strand, and the parrot-like, horny beak, which Is peculiar to this animal, was also missing. The animal, though shrunk and distorted, measured as follows: Length of tentacles or long arms, SO feet; circumference of body, including short arms, 60 feet; circumference of tentacles in some places, 4 feet.

I know of only four instances of the appearance of this strange monster in British waters. A very faint idea can be gathered from what is preserved in the museums of this"curious creature, as it shrivels away almost to nothing except a large cartilage pen, Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall runs across the body and branches off to the short arms.

It would take a vessel as large as the hull of the Great Eastern filled with spirits to show off the animal for exhibition.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

Its enormous arms or tentacles are armed with formidable suckers and horny rings, which are set with small teeth, pointing inward. These long arms, seventy feet in length when outstretched, as they float about in the ocean may have given rise to the story of the sea serpent. London Standard. In mending gloves let the silk match. When darning stockings leave a small loop at each end of the thread, for the stocking will stretch and the thread will not, and in filling up do so closely, but not heavily, taking up and leaving alternate thre.

A good deal may be saved by cutting down for children's use silk and lisle thread stockings wrhioh their elders have outworn. Where this is done the seams should be sewed up by hand, for the sowing-machine cuts the thre and they break away very soon. Before doing this have all the starch washed out or the darning will be a difficult matter. Never use strong, new cotton cloth for patching old linen; worn cloth is best, or cheap, thin, domestic cloth with the starch washed out.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

When the cuff a rub out at the edges turn them in and stitch neatly on the sewing-machine. When the neck-bands break put on new ones; a ragged neckband, stiffly starched, is absolute torture to the wearer. Sheets wear thin first in the middle; to mend them, tear them down the center, and stitch the outside edges up together with a flafr seam, then patch and hem in the torn sides.

If very badly worn, take out the middle part altogether; making either one sheet for a single bed or two for a crib. When pillow cases begin to split make new ones and take the old ones ior ciean rags, alwavs needed in a household. Never throw away a scrap of flannel or linen. Have the starch washed out of the latter, and keep both where they may be easily got atin case oi sicicness.

Darn table linen as neatly as possible, with fine linen thread: and when tablecloths are past mending cut them down into tray cloths or napkin3 for common use. Worn-out napkins are useful only as old linen. When merino underwear breaks, darn it as you do stockings, and bind anew with flannel binding when edges fray.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

The worn edges of coat sleeves are best bound with coat bind ing; the bottom of pantaloon-legs should be turned in on both edges, basted and neatly overseamed. In mending dresses a great deal de pends upon the ingenuity of the needle woman. A bit of trimming may easily serve as a patch upon occasion. Thus, a pun arouna tne eioow may cover up a hole in an ornamental way; or a deep cuff may serve tho same purpose lower down.

A plastron will cover a worn front, and so on. When you darn a rent In cloth or cashmere dampen and press the darn when done; indeed, mending of all kinds is improved by careful pressing, Home. I wasn't to blame, but he called me a chump and a slouch and a hayseed, and added that he would lick me ior a cent 'Well, you know, 1 didn't want any fuss, but a second feller comes up and says to me: "You go fur him and shatter hissys-tem.

Just ask me if we have had lots of rain and mud in our town, refer to the Influenza kinder talk;, as if you never saw me before, and I'll sort o' stroll up town, and whistle, and' try to look as if I knew the ropes and was up on all the latest tricks-" Detroit' Free Press. Stoneware is made of potter's clay, which is of a bluish gray color, very heavy, free from grit, and found in many parts of the world. It is found in considerable quantities in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Maryland.

It i usually near the surface, just below the common yellow clay. A stratum of it ten to fifteen feet thick is not uncommon, and it is generally easily mined. Before it is ready for use it has to be ground in a mill. Some mills have a combination of large knives and crushing wheels, and are run by steam power.

When the grinding is completed the clay is made into large, square blocks, and placed in a cellar where they will keep moist. From here it is taken, as needed and made into smaller balls, proportioned to tne size oi the erode or jar to be made. The "turner" takes one of these balls of clay and places it firmly on the center of his "wheel," a metal disk about eighteen inches in diameter, running horizontally, and worked with a foot treadle.

As the wheel revolves rapidly he dexterously fashions the ball of clay into the desired shape. When the board is full of jars it is taken to the drying-room, where a regular network of scaffolds holds up the boards full of ware. In a few days the ware is dry enough to glaze inside, and to decorate or "blue," as the workmen call it. This deco rating is sometimes done by hand with a camel's hair brush, and also by the use of stencils cut Out of, sweat cloth.

The ware is now ready for the kiln, which is Duiit of stone and lined inside with bricks. It is about twelve or fifteen feet high, round, with arched or conical top. At the bottom are the flues where the fire is placed. When the kiln is full of ware the door is walled up and a fire is started underneath which is gradually increased until the blaze comes out through the holes in the top of the kiln. This heat is intense; toe burning" lasts about three days. Then the fire is allowed to die, and in a few days the ware can be removed.

The inside glazing is a solution of "slip clay" applied with a force pump before the ware is burned. Treasure Trove. Graduate "That's all right, then. I've only got to read it once, you know. To investigate the possibilities of growth of the Pacific Short Lone towns. Leave O'Neill, daily except Sunday, - - A. To those wishing to5 establish. London were greatly agitated. Nothing was more natural, since it is known that Brazil alone produces more than half the coffee crop in the world. It has been said also, wrongly or rightly, that the emancipation of the slaves, upon whom coffee cultivation mainly depended, had a great deal to do with the revolution itself.

It appears, fortunately, that neither the emancipation nor the revolution will exercise any harmful influence upon the production of the great staple of Brazil. Although the country was discovered years ago, on April 22,by the Portuguese Admiral Pedro Alvarez Ca-bral, more than years elapsed before coffee was known in Brazil. The first trees were imported from Cayenne to Para, inby Major Palheta, who received them as a present from Mrs. Claude d'Orviliers, of the French colony in Guiana. Export duties prevented, however, extensive cultivation of the tree until the yearwhen the export duties were abolished.

At the same time Chancellor Castello Branco brought to Rio Janeiro some coffee trees, which furnished tho seed for the Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall, or plantations of Rezende and Sao Gonzalo, whence the cultivation spread in most districts of the province of Rio Janeiro, and afterward in the provinces of Sao Paulo and Minas Geraes.

In coffee was imported in the Maranhao, and the first trees in the province of Bahia grew from seed offered by the Capuchin friars of Rio to a planter of Villa Vicosca. The great national product was created, and statistics have repeatedly furnished the figures attained in its further development The of coffee bags, something like six millions and a half yearly, is about the same as that of the cotton bales produced in the United States. One hundred and twenty-eight years of the persistent work of Brazil has sufficed to bring about such a splen.

That is made evident by a review of the attention and great care necessary for coffee cultivation; and if this has been successful and progressive up to the present time, it has been due evidently to individual qualities, which Brazilians are not likely to lose in the future. The cultivation of coffee is not an easy matter. The soil is soon worn out and requires continuous attention in order to maintain it in good condition, inasmuch as fertilizers are not as yet in use and the only kind of manure or fertilizing agent is found in the leaves of the tree.

Another difficulty is that the plant begins to produce beans only when it is two or three yoars old. From the sixth year the crop keeps on steadily enlarging until the sixteenth year. From that time until It attains its twenty-fifth year the crop is good and bad alternately. Between the twenty-fifth and thirty-fifth year beans can be gathered only at intervals varying from two to three years; after the thirty-fifth year a crop i3 given occasionally, but only by trees planted in first-class ground. Coffee is cultivated with profit on hillsides, looking toward the rising sun, -which are protected against the cold southern winds of that austral coun try.

Such grounds are to be found all over Brazil, and explains how coffee cuitivauon extends an over the new great American republic, from the Amazon down to the southern boundary of the province of Sao Paulo, though the production is the most considerable in the provinces of Rio Janeiro, Minas Geraes and Sao Paulo. One of the celebrated hoaxes of his tory took place in London, January 16, In spite of the absurdity of this advertisement the house was crowded.

Somebody in the gallery sug gested that if the spectators would pay double prices of admission the conjurer would go into a pint Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall. Cumberland ; was.

Single horney women shades Sioux City Iowa mall

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