Wanting to share your passion in life

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When you take a trip, you can map it out or you can head in a general direction and course correct along the way. Often, lack of planning can lead to unexpectedincluding never reaching your destination. While this can be great for life adventures, it is not wise approach for running a business.

Wanting to share your passion in life

I see many people approaching social media in the same way. Personal use of social media leaves room for surprises, but if you have limited resources—time, money and energy—it leaves little room for a struggle.

To assist business networkers and visionary entrepreneurs, I want to share the process I have used for myself and my clients to make the journey a little bit easier. Big picture. Course of Action. What You Want to Attract. I wake up each day excited that life is a journey that is connecting me to others and is guiding me on the right path. I am also excited to be a part of On Purpose Networking because it gives me a Community of amazing women that are also looking to explore their unique gifts and talents and share them with others.

Through the connections I have developed, I have been inspired to expand my business way beyond my comfort zone, speak in public something that terrifies melisten to my intuition and actively seek and surround myself with people who will uplift me on my journey—personally and professionally. I have faith in my purpose. I take action to turn my purpose into reality. The groundwork and preparation that I do opens up numerous channels to make the connections to the right people to assist in my journey.

My journey has always been heavily assisted by technology. My purpose is to help people get online and put out to the world who they are so they can experience life-changing connections, like I have. Personally, I have many friends and a boyfriend thanks to the Internet. My connections have always been a source of strength and career insurance through some twists and turns such as job layoffs, budget cuts and cross-country moves. I have course corrected and kept steadily moving towards my goals.

At times it has felt like magic when the right people at the right time have just flowed into my life. You can, too. What Sets You Apart. How People Feel About You. Many of my clients come to me to create a website, but then struggle to create content. Do you feel Wanting to share your passion in life bit of sadness when I say this?

Wanting to share your passion in life

It gets me every time because I want every single person to be able to express their value to others, both when they stand up to give a sec introduction or online. Your Brand may change over time, as it is a reflection of your journey, both personally and professionally.

The new Facebook Timeline launching soon is going to be a revolution in the way our online profiles reflect who we are. Your Voice. A business card or online profile might be the first minute of the relationship, but the conversations you have online and in-person is the rest of it. Facebook created the new Timeline feature with this idea in mind. Your online profiles combined with status updates, photos, videos, likes, shared links and history give people new insight into YOU. Ideally, your connections will be attracted your updates and then take action to become a client…while you sleep, while you are out living life, almost like magic.

This is essential for leveraging all of the networking efforts you are making, both online and in-person.

Wanting to share your passion in life

Be honest Let's talk about your options to work with me on a FREE min call. I use a practical and flexible approach to adjust to the new normal…and beyond. My skills link together like blocks to create a custom fit for you. Mindset Success Secrets. How are you currently letting others know about it? What do these words mean to you? How frustrated will you be trying to implement this on your own? How much time will you waste if it's not your next best step?

Did you just take the time to read this but you won't make any changes? Or are you ready to take a small next step to build your brand? To your success. Virtuallinda Linda Schenk. Related posts.

Wanting to share your passion in life

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