Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date

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Connie was the first of three children. She was happily married for 51 years after meeting her husband on a blind date and marrying him just one week after. She had Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date passion for being creative, whether that be sewing costumes for Halloween and special events, baking unique cakes, making her own soaps or chocolates, or many other projects. She loved to add her own flare to things, which typically meant glitter or bling. One of her favorite pastimes was going to the casino with her best friends and playing slots.

Connie will be remembered for her enormous heart, ability to love and accept everyone despite their flaws, and to make anybody who met her feel like a part of the family. Further survived by nephews, nieces, and many others who considered her a sister, grandmother, and a friend. Glendale, AZ If I helped in a team, if I helped on my own It was more than repaid by good family and friends I have known.

And if I went the extra mile, I did it with pleasure It was all worthwhile If I brightened your path, then let it be A small contribution from my loved ones and me, Now sadly I leave you and travel alone Through a mystic veil to the great unknown. Good morning and welcome; my name is Becky Hinton, and it is my honor to be the Funeral Celebrant today, as we gather together to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Connie Sue Tomasko.

Her death has left a hole in the hearts of her loving family; her husband, Ed; daughters, Gina Kay and Tammy Lee; grandchildren: Justin, Shealee, Armand, Maurine and Katarina; sister-in-law, Susie as well as numerous extended family members and friends. On behalf of the family, thank you for being here today. It is an important day when we stop to acknowledge the importance of a life lived, and the difference Connie made every day in this world. You made the effort, took the time, and traveled from near and far to be a part of this sacred space. Words cannot express how meaningful your presence is today and, in the days to come for the family.

Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date

We are here to laugh and cry together, to Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date her smiling face, artistic ability, love of family and friends and to share stories about her life. You are here to acknowledge that Connie left an imprint on your heart and to express gratitude that she made a difference by being in your world. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.

They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief Dear God of Broken Hearts, We come to this sacred moment in disbelief that this wonderful woman is no longer a part of our lives. Connie, a cherished wife, beloved mother, grandmother, amazing friend, artistic spirit, and generous heart filled such a vibrant part of your world, and the family and friends are at a loss as to how that void can be filled.

Be with each person here today as they seek comfort in memories, and in hope. Hold their hands and walk by their side. We ask for your blessing, your calming spirit and your promise of peace for this family, as we give thanks for the life of Connie Tomasko. Thank you for this sacred moment, for this life and for your world.

Amen Connie was born on June 24,in Weleetka, Oklahoma. She was the first of three children born to parents Imogene and Carl Williams. Her father was hired on in the aeronautics industry at Presto in Glendale, Arizona. Her mother worked at Presto as well, until little Gary was born, and then Imogene stayed home with the children full-time. Connie was not a fan of school; in fact, in Kindergarten her mother received a call that at lunch time, Connie decided she was done for the day, and left school. Her mother was forced to leave work, and when she arrived home, she found her little delinquent out in the yard playing.

She drove her back Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date school, but unfortunately, Connie made it a habit. That was the beginning of her unhappiness at school. Back then, her mother shopped for her clothing at second hand stores, like Goodwill, and the other children made fun of her, and teased her mercilessly about her appearance. In third grade, things began to improve, because Connie met a girl named, Carolyn and they became friends.

The two could not have been more opposite, however they seemed to get along very well. Back then, the two logged a lot of miles walking; they often met halfway, and then headed back home. Connie shared a funny memory with her family.

Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date

She described a day she and her brothers were playing with bb guns in the backyard. Alton stood his ground, and Connie made good on her threat; she shot poor Alton in the neck, and he carried that little ball around his whole life.

Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date

Another memory she laughed about was Christmas time in the Williams home. Her brothers were terrible about waiting for Christmas day to open their gifts. Instead, they tried peeking or finding their parents hiding spots. Finally, Carl and Imogene resorted to hiding the packages in the car.

The vehicle had a hole where a radio speaker should have been mounted. This particular year, Connie and Alton convinced Gary to look into the crevice and report back what he saw. As he was peering in, his head got stuck. Connie was in trouble for that escapade. As the oldest, punishments usually fell on her for what she or her brothers had gotten into! In high school, Connie skipped school quite a bit. She made Carolyn go to class, because she had perfect attendance all through those four years, and she wanted her friend to achieve the distinction of perfect attendance on her graduation day!

What a friend! The couple decided to set their friends, Connie and Ed up on a blind date. The matchmaking was so successful, that Connie and Ed were married just one week later! Connie introduced Carolyn to her husband, Will, and the two couples have spent their lives together. Connie gave birth to Gina Kay and then seven years later she had Tammy Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date. Connie taught her girls to stand up for themselves and each other. She welcomed anyone and everyone into their home.

For example, when Tammy was involved with marching band and color guard in high school, Connie helped every year. She walked with the band through the entire parade route, carrying a fanny pack with all the essentials the kids might need. She went so far as to carry a drum for a boy who became winded on the course, just to give him a break! Connie loved scary movies, and her favorite holiday was Halloween. She utilized her creativity on many different costumes and decorations. She was, however, afraid of heights, so she recruited Gina to help decorate the roof one year.

Gina had to put a clear tarp down, then she placed a body made to look like Jason from the Halloween movies holding a machete and a severed head. Another decoration she made was a head that looked like it was from the Exorcist movie. Connie sat it on the washing machine, and figured out how to make it spin around when someone walked past! As we pause to listen to a song, please think of a memory you might like to share with everyone today. She was a self-taught seamstress; making costumes for Halloween and special events.

Everyone found it amazing that she started with a couple yards of fabric. She loved baking, and made cakes for weddings and baby showers or different parties. She crafted her own soaps and chocolates. Granddaughter, Shealee laughed about a bracelet she gave her grandma. She was not content to blend it-she wanted you to see her coming. All the glitz and glamour made her heart happy! Connie had so much fun making jewelry, and she used it as a way to bond with Granddaughter, Maurine.

They would get together on Saturdays and make bracelets. Connie loved spending time with all her grandchildren. Now, the boys were not interested in crafts, so Connie showed her love by supporting their interests. She watched Justin play video games and attended Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date soccer games and Karate matches. The couples travelled to Laughlin or Las Vegas to gamble and celebrate. It was always an adventure, and once Connie fell up the escalator, and they never stopped teasing her about it! Unfortunately, she was scheduled to work, so she grabbed a bandana, and wore it every day until the rubbery aftermath grew out!

She wanted nothing to do with spicy food, so her request was always cheese enchiladas with extra lettuce. No matter how much lettuce they brought, as soon as her meal arrived, she would ask for an extra plate of it! Connie learned all about cars from her Dad; his instructions served her well, as she could tell when her vehicle was in need of repair. She also had a love of Mustangs.

Not one to let an opportunity pass by, Connie used it as a prop for a photo shoot for her and her granddaughter, Shealee. Then she got got rid of it! Connie was the proud owner of a bright yellow T-Top Camaro. It was constant complaining. She was concerned that he drove too fast. One day recently he got the memo, and slowed down. People are going to get mad!

Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date

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Weleetka Oklahoma bilnd date